Wednesday, September 20, 2017

Garden business is gnome's business. And if there are garden gnomes, why can't there be garden fairies with charmed watering cans 🙈 So I decided to continue use of Garden Grow and Secret Garden 😄 The idea of this card appeared fast, but I had to think about its realisation. As usual I painted the whole army of gnomes, fairies and garden equipment (now I have workpieces for at least 5 cards 🤦🏻‍♂️). The most difficult was to make watering can move, but good old geometry helped me here 😃 In realisation of plug, that keeps sequins from falling until its time will come, kids game Tamagotchi inspired me 🙈😄 I was long awaited to try it and it works. I easily return plug on its place ✅

Here is the video, that pictured - if you remove the plug the sequins fall as water 😃😃

I'm finally finished card to the 3rd stage of challenge. Actually, when Oksana published tasks for the 3rd stage, I was disappointed as I have no necessary tools (summer is not my favorite season: I can't swim, don't like take sunbaths, so I don't create summer cards 😒). I was depressed couple of days, made someone you all know nervous, talking about miserable me 😣. But in the end my head started to work and I realized that I could use every stamp set on the beach. And I did so. But I had to copy palm tree by myself from one well known manufacturer (hope they won't sue me for that 🙈). The palm tree turned out huge, so sand castle became sand house. Leaves and brunches from Altenew became algae. But, after all, the scene from life of bookomaniac pleases eyes. The subject is - on the beach and on the sea nothing can distract reader from his favorite occupation 😃

4th stage's task was to use winter stamps in summer theme cards. And immediately I chose @simonsaysstamp Christmas village 😃. Actually I bought it as multipurpose stamp which could be used for every season (sad that I have no appropriate dies 😢). In this card upper layer is winter and lower layer is summer. Card has complicated construction with interchangeable details and many layers of transparent plastic, but, anyway, card turns out pretty nice. I hope I could show you the video of the card this evening. 

Aaaand cut 🎬 Video with the card to the 4th stage of challenge. Hope you were interested 😊

I figured out the weather. It's not summer, it's autumn. That inspired me to create autumn card 😊 Actually, I wanted to attach the fox here, it's so cute 😍 And I dream about monkey to buy, it's cute too. Now I want to relax from interactive marathon, I'm tired of it. And this card is the most simple thing that I can do 🤷🏼‍♀️😆 

Sometimes I'm going nuts and make cosmic cards. Only cosmic cards 🙈 That draft I made long time ago 😄 but then I cut it unsuccessfully and had to postpone it because the look of card in my mind didn't match the look in real 🤷🏼‍♀️ But yesterday I finally understand what I should do and I finished it. Not in the manner peculiar to me. But the result is quite good, I think 😉

Light as a feather 💜

Every day I wanted to post something, but my gloomy mood didn't let me do it. To do such a simple card (shaker only) is very indecent. The idea is simple - closet with surprise, and the curious fox 😊 wants to find out it. And sees 🦊🍰

Lately I became wiser and when I make workpiece and see, that it's don't meet my expectations (sometimes in imagination it looks better than in reality 🤷🏼‍♀️ Do you know this feelling?) I put off it to better times. This workpiece is the best example. It looks great, but the small main flowers occupy little space on the edges and leave a lot of emptiness in the middle. It was a big trouble for me and I postponed it for about 2 weeks. Only yesterday I decided to finish that work and strangely enough all turned out better than I thought. Anyway, I'm happy and want to finish card with astronauts until I'm on the wave of success 🙈😆

Here is the result of my yesterday's moral torments and philosophical thoughts about stereotypes and standarts 😄 I'm quite pleased with the result and colors of space 😍

Hello, everyone. I'm trying to catch runaway train and take part in Altenew's July challenge. Actually, challenges is not my theme, because when I see tasks (specific colors or sketch) I become incompetent and lazy 😄 I don't create especially for challenge. I make my own card and see, what challenge it fits best. So happened this time. I've got new paper for markers (hope to show examples and speak about it tomorrow) and I wanted to try #noline technique. It's my first time, but I like the result and it inspired my to make double card 🙈 That's it, folks 😊

We were sick for a little 😒 It's so hot outside, "perfect" time for flu 🤷🏼‍♀️ But it's not scare, because I found strength to finish second card with astronauts 🙈 (which I supposed to finish after posting the first card 😄). Pity that you can't see shining shimmer on silver stars. But I like all the rest 😉

I have autumn mood again. And another goal is to find out how many cards I could make using this fox set 🙈. This is card number 4, it's left to make a couple of cards and I will be happy.

Sad, autumn didn't come, but we had another illness 😑 That's why I appeared here so rare. And I was making poor cats for 4 days and I finished them only yesterday 🙈 So I have not just autumn mood, but Halloween. Yoo-hoo! Actually, I wanted to make special card for this event every year, and every year I had nothing 🤷🏻‍♀️ But this time I have wonderful set from @newtonsnook 💜, so I'll make at least 2 cards 😜 Or more 😄

I'm finally done cards with the monkeys. I wanted monkeys so long, so when I've got them I lost all ideas 😄 (do you know that situation 🤦🏼‍♀️?) The @sugarpeadesigns challenge helped me to solve this problem (do you remember I've told you that I can't make cards according tasks. Forget it. Now I can) - it has awesome sketch and palette 😍. I was so inspired and made 2 cards. But I couldn't show the second card, because the One, who inspired me, didn't post her work 😜. So, today I'll show you only one card. 

Finally, I can post my second card to @sugarpeadesigns😍 challenge. It happened so I made it after I saw @lachristanel Kristina's card with sloths and I forgot it (do you know that situation - you make card you think you invent by yourself and then you realise, that you already saw it 😄). So, thank you, Kristina, for inspiration 🙋💜. And my funny monkeys in mint-green-blue smooshing congratulate someone with Birthday

The ones, who read me for a long time, know, how I like Helloween 😉 Every year I feel sacred awe and finally I've got opportunity to make card to this interesting holiday. I madly wanted to use classic colors - purple and green. But as I have some troubles with purple, I used lilac 🤷🏼‍♀️ And green didn't belong here 🤦🏼‍♀️ But that's not a problem, I have a tower of pumpkins with cat, so I'll go crazy with it 😆 

I'll be short today. Halloween again 😍 All kitties find their cards, I'm happy 😉.


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