Friday, June 16, 2017

I wished to make card with changing of seasons for long ago numerous times using different techniques. And here is the result, the most simple kind of interactive that I've ever made, but the most spectacular as for me. Actually I like what I do now, I don't reflect, don't copy anyone, I do what I invente. It is long-lasting process because of lots of little but important things and I think about them all night long sometimes 😆🙈🙈 

I like to do cards using different kits. The more kits I use, the more interesting result I get. Here I used 4 different kits from 4 different manufacturers. Here are @simonsaysstampBelieve; @winnieandwalter Big, Bold, Seasons; @dawnwplus9 Holiday Houses and @averyellestamps Snow Globe. If you would like to see making of such kind of card, please write me in comments 👇🏻 Thanks for attention 🙏🏻
There are million ideas in your head, when you make order and wait for it. But all ideas are gone when you get it. Sad but true. I feel it almost everytime, except rare cases that I can't remember. The same feeling I had with order from @studiokatia. I have waited that dies so impatiently, so many plans have built... And what you think? I made some sort of garbage and postponed indefinitely. And only last week I took them again to make a cupboard (very interesting cupboard as for me). And as usual I didn't stop with one cupboard and made all kitchen stuff at once. Here I used lawnfawn's cooker stamp I won in @scrapmate challenge and @altenewllc coffee kit and @simonsaysstamp bonus kit and even snowballs from @dawnwplus9 became tile. And I'm satisfied with the result. This card shows as the world is pale without coffee. In general, you do understand me, coffee lovers!
Second day at @kathyrac marathon #thedailymarker30day. Today's topic is envelope. I look at my works and realize one thing - I can't create simple cards 🙈. I'm need in something to hide, to open, to slide, after all. A little secret inside 😉
8th day at @kathyrac marathon #thedailymarker30day. And here is the result of sleepless Saturday's night 🙈. I have invented this card for a very long time in my mind. First I wanted to make slider, but when I left this idea. I made a book and I think it's the best choice 🤔 When I started I had difficulties with floor ( I even tried to draw wooden floor) and wall, only 6th attempt was successful. Have a nice viewing. Next post is a video 👉🏻Don't miss 😉

12th day at @kathyrac marathon #thedailymarker30day. Here I composed the card, absolutely simple (not usual for me 🙈😆). Of course it could look better if there were more stamped elements instead of cut elements. But this idea came to me too late 😆. So, I'm happy with what I got.
26th day at @kathyrac marathon #thedailymarker30day. I couldn't show final result - either it was too bright outside, or too dark, or additional details on photo didn't satisfy me 🤔. But all the confusions are gone, so here is the result 🤗. 
29th and 30th day at @kathyrac marathon #thedailymarker30day. Everyone have its own passion. Some love snacks, some love opposite gender 😜🙈😆
I've lost myself for a little after the marathon. Felt a little empty, because every day I had to color something, to reach some goals and then it ended and I relaxed 🙈. But I decided that the most radical thing to take me out of this weightlessness was to create cosmic card. It's not a secret that I love this theme a lot 😍. The galaxy has a little atypical color, but something have to be changed, after all 😃

I have dreamed about this set very long time. And the fact that it couldn't be bought in Russia have made it more desirable 🙈😆😆. And finally I get it last Saturday 😜 . And as usual all variations of its use have gone from my mind 😆😆 . I suffered for 2 days, but at the end of past day the wonderful and simple card have borned. I'm soooo proud of it 😍.
#youcandoitcoffee 💪🏻 Hello, everyone 👋🏻 We have started to feel better. My men are almost recovered, I'm still a little sick as I was the last who catch cold 😩 So I decided to pull myself together and to show the pair to previous card, which I planned to do past time and colored its elements long time ago. But circumstances changed and I showing it only now 🤗
Have I told you about gray? Forget it 🙈 Using some simple manipulations (I cut the draft on couple of pieces and painted them) I found out that blue color is the best here. And butterflies, butterflies are must have of my works 😍
What a cruel law of meanness - when you just do something and going to take pictures of it the weather outside become cloudy and rainy 🤦🏻‍♂️ But it didn't stop me 😏 Anyway, I missed shakers badly and when the concept of card appeared, it was simple and I decided to add shaker of such a form. I used this combination once and had no occasion to use it again until now. That's why I'm doubly happy. The design of front page was obvious (the plate I made by myself using no stamps because it's boring 🤣). There were problems with inner part. My husband helped me with it. The idea was to create passage to the garden with giant flowers from Carrol's Alice in Wonderland. I spoiled couple of drafts, before I found the best design ⏩ 
I've got a lot of cut elements, left from previous card, and I decided to make one more pair card until I have inspiration. The subject is very simple, shaker again (here comes the shaker era 😄), but with another heroes - watermelon butterfly and strawberry boots 🙈 Why not?! I suffered enough from cold and want summer 😉 That's the message of this card 😃

First the idea of the card was slightly different (you all saw picture of cosmos 😉) but when I found the critical difference between Altenew's and MFT's drawing I had to forget this idea. But I hope sometimes I could make it. So, I united couple of MFT stamps and used appropriate dies that I got not long ago. And this card appeared. The subject is simple - little girl read a book (I'm an avid reader and couldn't pass through this theme) and her imagination draws beautiful dawn and adorable balloons. The video will be soon, as fast as my beloved men will come back from husband's parents
Actually, I liked balloons so much, that I can't work with anything else 😃 I have one more idea, but it's little unusual and I have to think about it. And sunrise sky is wonderful, so I use it on the second card in a row 😜
I've finally finished with my watermelon theme 😄 First I planned to make one-layered card without interactive 😃 But I couldn't hold myself and created this casket-card (yes, it's casket, upper layer is a lid) 😱 To see how exactly it works it would be nice to look video in the next post. Now I'm happy as elephant because I've got the job done and everything looks pretty. But the only thing that disappoint me is that pink color contains in every of my works 😄 Anyway, have a nice view 😊

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